25 New Members Join

Constantine Caras, center, at Membership Meeting

The 25TH Anniversary Campaign has enrolled 25 new members as of August 31, 2008, symbolic of marking the organization’s 25th Anniversary in 2009. The campaign was formally organized into a 60-member National Membership Committee co-chaired by John A. Payiavlas, former L100 Chairman and Constantine G. Caras, the current Vice Chairman, just this summer. “The committee set a goal for 63 members for 2008 with most membership events scheduled for the fall, so we feel confident that we will meet that goal,” said Payiavlas. Ultimately, the organization is aiming for 1,000 members from the current membership of 771. The campaign will continue through 2010.
The Direct Archdiocesan District led the way with seven new members, followed by the Metropolis of San Francisco with five. The Metropolises of Denver, Atlanta and Pittsburgh recruited three members each, followed by the Metropolises of Chicago and New Jersey with two members each. Names of the new members follow, along with the names of their solicitors:

L100 Member
Archdiocesan District
Gianna Angelopoulos Daskalaki
Paulette Poulos
Andrea J. Catsimatidis
John A. Catsimatidis
Peter and Irene Kusulas
Peter Dion
Thomas Makkos
Fr. Alex Karloutsos
Dr. Peter and Maria Michalos
Mary and Michael Jaharis
George T. Soterakis
Paulette Poulos
Georgios and Panayiotis Trimis
George and James Pantelidis
Peter and Cheryl Karahalios
Tom S. (Athanasios) Livaditis                        
Tim Maniatis
Andrew A. Athens
Michelle and Perry Argires
Dr. Jim Argires/Stefanie Roumeliotes
Nicholas and Sue Veronis
Sofia Henry
Louis Nicozisis
Evie Hasiotis and Mike Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Coutris
Angelo Coutris
John C. and Mary J. Mitchell
Charles H. Cotros
Dr. Louis and Cathy Rousalis
Anthony Andrikopoulos
Congressman Michael Bilirakis
Stephen G. Yeonas
William and Audrey Marianes
Tim Maniatis
Marina Petrou
John Kusturiss/Peter Kusulas
San Francisco
His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos
Peter Karagines
His Grace Bishop Anthimos
Peter Karagines
Jason J. Kokalis
George P. Kokalis +
Peter John Poulos
Angelo K. Tsakopoulos
Mr. Vasili Rozakis
Michael Bapis
New Jersey
William C. Anton
Stephen G. Yeonas
Dean Soteropoulos
Michael Bapis and Paulette Poulos

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