Tzagournis Joins Investment Committe

Adam M. Tzagournis

Adam M. Tzagournis of Dublin, Ohio, an investment banker and Chartered Financial Analyst, who has written a book predicting the current financial crisis, has joined the Investment Committee. He is a member of Leadership 100 and the son of members, Prof. Manuel A. and Madeline J. Tzagournis. Prof. Tzagournis is vice president emeritus for health services at Ohio State University Medical School where he has had a distinguished career as a professor, dean and administrator.
Tzagournis wrote “The Economic Conundrum” in 2007, in which he concluded: “Faith and confidence are the glue that holds our economic and financial systems together, but it is not strong enough to endure the stresses associated with our growing imbalances in the years to come unless dramatic change is forthcoming. We should recognize the dangers of continuing down this path and rectify these issues before they magnify the impact of the next recession.”
The book surveys the history of money and financial institutions such as the Federal Reserve, leverage and derivatives and associated risks, hedge funds and regulations, government deficits and indebtedness, and the “bursting housing bubble”. While sobering in its analyses, Tzagournis, nonetheless, ends with an optimistic note, expressing confidence in “the ingenuity and resiliency of the American people to ultimately rebuild an economic structure with a strong foundation.”
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