New Members Elected To Executive Committee/Board

Evie Hasiotis & Kassandra Romas

The Executive Committee and Board of Trustees met at the Harvard Club in New York City October 24, 2008, to address the current financial crisis, review plans for the 25th Anniversary Celebration Conference to take place February 5-8, 2009 in Puerto Rico, to assess progress in the 25th Anniversary National Campaign and to elect members to the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees.
The Nominating Committee, headed by Founding Member Peter M. Dion, reported on a slate of nominees for openings on the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees, including filling one vacancy. All nominees were elected by the Board of Trustees, as follows: Executive Committee: Angelo J. Coutris; Eugenia Hasiotis and Kassandra Romas, replacing George D. Behrakis, John A. Catsimatidis and Mark Stavropoulos. Board of Trustees: Arthur C. Anton, Jr.; Michael N. Bapis; Michael R. Henry; Dr. George Kallins; James Pantelidis; Peter Parthenis; Cathy Sakellaris and Argyris Vassiliou, replacing Dr. John S. Collis, Eve N. Condakes, James H. Moshovitis; Bert W. Moyar, James P. Pamel, John A. Payiavlas, Peter A. Vlachos and Basil S. Yanakakis. John A. Payiavlas now becomes a voting member of both the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees as Chairman Emeritus, joining the Life-Time Founding Members.

Chairman Yeonas will welcome the newly-elected members of the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees at the meetings to be held at the 25th Anniversary Celebration Conference, February 5-8, 2009 in Carolina, Puerto Rico. He paid special tribute to the long-time service of the outgoing members of the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees, saying they collectively represented some of our longest serving and most dedicated members, many of whom served as officers and heads of committees, singling out the special service of George D. Behrakis, the previous Chairman of Leadership 100 and Mark Stavropoulos, the current Secretary of the organization.

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