5 Minute Challenge

5 Minute Seal

The National Membership Committee of Leadership 100, under the Chairmanship of Thomas L. Demakes, will launch the “5 Minute Challenge” campaign in an appeal in May to all members in order to recruit 50 new members in 2009. Already, 5 new members have joined.
Stephen G. Yeonas, Chairman, introduced the idea at the 25th Anniversary Conference. Simply put, each member will be asked to give just 5 minutes a day until they bring 1 new member to Leadership 100. A motto, to appear on all campaign stationery and on the website, is a seal like the 25th Anniversary seal, but containing the campaign motto: “Giving 5 Minutes a Day Leads a New Member Our Way!”
Leadership 100 surpassed its membership goal in 2008 with 64 new members joining. The new campaign is being organized by Demakes, newly appointed National Membership Chairman, with a National Membership Committee composed of Co-Chairmen from each Metropolis and the Direct Archdiocesan District. The emphasis is on recruiting a new member to insure that the mission and legacy of the 25-year-old organization continues for generations to come. “It can be as easy as enrolling a family member,” said Yeonas, “your spouse, a child, a grandchild – or a friend or business associate. Recently, a member, John A. Daskalakis, not only enrolled his son, John A. Daskalakis, Jr, but his two grandchildren as well, Cina, age 2, and John III, age 1!
In a joint appeal to all members, Demakes and Yeonas, say that Leadership 100 has made great strides over the past 25 years, increasing its membership to 814, with Leadership 100 Partners Program giving young Greek Americans an opportunity to be a part of our organization at a younger age and becoming involved with the strong community of Leadership 100 to build the next generation of leaders.
“Imagine…for $2,000 a year up to 30 years of age, your children or grandchildren can be a Leadership 100 Partner!,” they exclaim in the appeal letter.
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