24 New Memberships

Maria Karagianis, Anatolia Director of US Operations, with Paulette Poulos.

The National Membership Committee, under the Chairmanship of Thomas L. Demakes, succeeded in recruiting 24 new memberships toward the 2009 goal of 50. There are now 827 members with 397 fulfilled members and 86 Leadership 100 Partners.
Prospect lists sent to members of the Board of Trustees and Membership Chairmen in their respective Metropolises developed by Project Fish Finder, an innovative marketing plan devised by Mike Henry, a member of the Board of Trustees, and personal peer to peer contacts, resulted in the majority of new members.
Events in Boston in September and plans for future events in Chicago and Cleveland have already identified likely prospects that promise to reach, if not exceed the goal.
In addition, the Leadership 100 Office has dramatically reduced the Inactive Members list and is now focusing on maintaining accurate updated listings of contributing members.
Chairman Stephen G. Yeonas has continued to make membership recruitment the highest priority of his tenure with a new campaign challenge to all members: Giving 5 Minutes a Day Leads a New Member Our Way.”
Among the new members is Anatolia College, the K-12 American private school and four- year Liberal Arts college in Thessaloniki, Greece, which was founded by New England educators and missionaries in early 19th century Anatolia (modern day Turkey) and had educated Greek and Armenian Christians in the Ottoman Empire for nearly 100 years before moving to Greece in 1924. The College was recruited by National membership Chairman, Thomas L. Demakes of the Metropolis of Boston.
The other new memberships (in most cases couples count as one membership) and their Metropolises are:

Archdiocesan District of New York: Katrina P. Allwin- recruited by Maria Allwin; Alexander Amanatides- recruited by Michael N. Bapis; Stavros Aktipis – recruited by James Pantelidis and Peter J. Pappas; and Markos L. Drakotas – recruited by Chrisos Papavasiliou and Carlene Soumas; Costas M. Marinakis – recruited by Michael N. Bapis, Markos Marinakis and George Soterakis; John Neamonitis – recruited by George Soterakis; Michael and Robin Psaros – recruited by Fr. Elias Villis and Paulette Poulos; John Tsunis – recruited by James Pantelidis; and Dr. Dialecti Voudouris – recruited by Dr. George Carayannopoulos.

Metropolis of Pittsburgh: Paul and Kelly Lountzis – recruited by Paulette Poulos.
Metropolis of Boston: Christina Sakellaris and Peter Sakellaris – recruited by Stephen G. Yeonas and Cathy Sakellaris.
Metropolis of Atlanta: Nicholas and Tina Trataros – recruited by John Kusturiss; and Alexandra Huttinger – recruited by Dina Oldknow.
Metropolis of San Francisco: Chris and Jennifer Caras, Jr. – recruited by Chris W. Caras; John Moutsanas - recruited by George Marcus.
Metropolis of New Jersey: John and Maria Daskalakis, Jr., John Alex Daskalakis III and Cina Daskalakis– recruited by John Daskalakis and Louis Nicozisis; James M. and Nora C. Orphanides – recruited by Fr. Alexander Karloutsos and John Catsimatidis; Thrasyvoulas Maroulis and Maria Stefanis – recruited by Dr. George Stefanis; Nectarios Vouloumanos - recruited by Justin Bozonelis; and an anonymous new member recruited by Paulette Poulos.
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