George Chryssis Named President of Benjamin Franklin Institute


George C. Chryssis

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology has named George C. Chryssis, a long-time member of Leadership 100, as its next president effective January 1, 2011. "George Chryssis is ideally prepared to lead the school into the future," said Board of Trustees Chair, Anne Bailey Berman.  "George has been an entrepreneur, a financier and in academia.   He personally knows the influence that the Franklin Institute can have on young people's lives.   It was at the Franklin Institute that George began his own education when he entered this country at age 18."


"I am impressed with the unique combination of practical education with strong faculty involvement now offered at the Franklin," said Chryssis.  "Many more young people would benefit from this educational experience.  A major goal will be to build upon the current offerings with new innovative programs that meet today's industry and business needs, attracting those young men and women who seek and would benefit from a strong cutting-edge education."


During his career, Chryssis founded several high technology companies focused on innovation, including those specializing in fiber optics and software.  Most recently, he served as Vice President of Executive Affairs at Wentworth Institute of Technology where he worked to advance the Institute's mission through strategic planning and tackling cross-divisional objectives.  In addition, he oversaw Wentworth's Center for Community Learning & Partnerships.


Chryssis earned his Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from Northeastern University.  He also was awarded an honorary Doctor of Engineering Technology degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology.  He has served on the Board of Trustees of both Northeastern University and

Wentworth Institute.


"Benjamin Franklin left money to support young people in gaining the education and skills needed to pursue a productive life path such as he gained from his printing profession," said Berman.  "The Institute continues to serve his wishes. We graduate students at three times the rate of other Massachusetts two-year colleges and twice the national average. The most recent data show that 65% of students are employed in their field of study and 28% transferred to a four year college."


The College has recently received several prestigious grants, including three grants from the National Science Foundation.  The most recent grant supports the awarding of an Associate of Science degree in Automotive Technology with an Alternative Fuel Vehicle certification, making it the first and only college in the Northeast with this degree-granting specialization.

Located in Boston's historic South End, the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology opened in 1908.  It offers technical education that allows students to earn Associate's Degrees, Bachelor's Degrees, or certificates of proficiency, thus preparing graduates for viable careers that benefit themselves, their families, and society, as the College's benefactor, Benjamin Franklin intended.  The College owes its existence to Franklin, a native Bostonian, who left a bequest of £1000 at his death in 1790 to the City of Boston to create a place for training "good apprentices [who] are likely to make good citizens."  For over 200 years, this fund grew into a sizable sum that was matched by Andrew Carnegie in 1906 to build the College. 

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