Ted Pedas Receives Film Industry Award

Ted Pedas

Ted Pedas, President of Circle Management Company of Washington, D.C. and a longtime member of Leadership 100, was recognized with one of the highest awards of the film industry, the prestigious 2012 Marquee Award, from the National Association of Theatre Owners on Tuesday, April 24 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  More than 5,000 film and theater industry people, representing more than 30,000 screens across America, gathered for the event at Caesars Palace. 

 "Ted Pedas is one of those rare industry executives who is truly liked, truly respected and who has truly made a difference in the world of exhibition," noted Mitch Neuhauser, the Executive Director of CinemaCom. "With a rich and meaningful history, Ted Pedas, in his own quiet way, has always believed in and championed the smaller, independent film. I think we can all agree the industry has benefited greatly from his keen insight and perseverance.  Ted Pedas is being singled out by the theater owners for his unequalled dedication, commitment and service to the business and community of the motion picture theatre industry."
The child of Greek immigrants, a lawyer with a degree from the Wharton School of Business, Ted and his brother Jim began with small drive-in movie theatres.  They grew that business to owning a majority of all the theater screens in Washington, D.C.   They also owned successful film distribution and film production companies.
With a great eye for talent, Ted and Jim Pedas gave world-renowned mystery writer and fellow Hellene George Pelecanos his start with their company.  George has written many very successful books.  He is also responsible for most of the writing on the HBO series The Wire.
Their production company also gave the now famous Coen brothers their start with their early films Blood Simple, cult classic Raising Arizona, Miller's Crossing and Barton Fink, the winner of the Cannes Festival Golden Palm Award.  The Coen brothers are well known for their films True Grit, No Country for Old Men, The Big Lebowski and O Brother, Where Art Thou.
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