Detroit Membership Recruitment Event

Paulette Poulos with, left to right, Melina Theodora and Anna Viktoria Zampetis.

Leadership 100 held its third membership recruitment dinner in the Metropolis of Detroit on Thursday, June 15, 2017 at Morton’s Steak House in Troy, Michigan, hosted by Theodore and Ann Zampetis.

The highlight of the event was the enrollment of two of Zampetis’ granddaughters as Junior Partners, Melina Theodora and Anna Viktoria Zampetis, which totals nine family members brought into Leadership 100 by Zampetis, who is Chairman of the Membership Committee.

Lou Kircos, a member of the Leadership 100 Audit Committee, and coordinator of the event thanked the Zampetis couple for hosting the event. Metropolitan Nicholas of Detroit spoke about the contributions of Leadership 100 to the ministries of the Archdiocese and the Metropolises.

Paulette Poulos, Executive Director of Leadership 100, thanked Theodore and Ann Zampetis and Melina Theodora and Anna Viktoria, who presented her with their applications and checks for $10,000 each. She referred to the front cover of the Spring 2017 issue of The Leader which pictured the Founders and Chairmen Emeriti and challenged Melina and Anna to be future leaders and to emulate these exceptional individuals.

Paulette Poulos, center, with all nine Leadership 100 members of the Zampetis family. Back Row, Left to Right, Constantine Zampetis, Ann Zampetis, Callie Zampetis Budman and Theodore Zampetis. Front Row, Left to Right, Marianna Eve Zampetis Budman, Anna Viktoria and Melina Theodora Zampetis, and Eleanna Despina and Sofia Theodora Zampetis Budman.

Fr. Anthony Cook of St. George Church in Southgate, Michigan, a parish that is also a member of Leadership 100, thanked Leadership 100 for supporting him with scholarship aid when he studied for the Priesthood at Holy Cross School of Theology.

Metropolitan Nicholas addresses recruitment dinner.


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